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    Hazardous Travel

    If weather conditions seem hazardous for highway travel and a coach questions the feasibility of traveling within the District 5 area, the following procedures should be followed:

    1. The traveling coach must call D5 League Coordinator, Bill Breeden 952.715.9605

    2. The call MUST be made by a coach or team manager, NOT a parent.

    League Coordinator will retrieve information on travel advisories and make a decision on the game in question. If it is decided that the game should be played, and isn’t, the game will be recorded as a forfeit. The traveling team will be fined for not playing a league game.

    Saturday 11/19 Postponements

    SC 20 St. Cloud Red at Willmar 11:00

    11/18 Game Postponements

    Here are the games that have been postponed so far. I will continue to update this list throughout the day as I hear from other teams.

    G12B Willmar at Alexandria

    PA 7 Willmar at Litchfield/DC 8:15PM

    PA 66 St. Cloud at STMA 8:45PM

    BB 140 Sauk Rapids 1 at Litchfield/DC Navy 6:30 pm

    PB 86 Willmar at Sartell B2 7:45 pm

    SC 21 Sartell White at STMA Gold 7:30 pm

    PA 44 Sartell at River Lakes (Paynesville) 8:45 pm

    PB 28 STMA B1 Gold at MAML 6:30 pm

    SC 55 Sauk Rapids at River Lakes (Paynesville) 7:30

    Welcome to District 5 Youth Hockey

    District 5 Youth Hockey is operated by volunteers working to promote physical and mental development and good health, character, sportsmanship and citizenship. In order to continue this successful program we ask for your help and cooperation. Anyone who is interested in working in this volunteer youth program at the District level, or Association level, please contact your hockey association representative.

    When should try-outs be held?