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    1/17, 1/18 and 1/19 Weather Cancellations

    PB-159 at 6:15, River Lakes vs Sauk Rapids in Richmond

    BA-35 at 7:45 pm, River Lakes vs Monticello in Richmond

    BA-28 at 8:00 pm, Hutchinson vs St. Cloud

    1/18 Games

    PB 147 at 10:45 am, Monticello vs Sartell B1

    SB-26 at 11:00, Hutchinson Black vs Sartell B1

    SB Scrimmage at 12:15, Willmar vs Sartell

    BB-57 at 12:15, Monticello vs Litchfield

    SA Scrimmage at 11:30, Litchfield vs Willmar

    SC-41 at 12:45, Litchfield vs Sartell

    BA-37 at 1:45, Monticello vs River Lakes

    PB-131 at 2:45, Hutchinson vs Litchfield

    G12B-3 at 6:45, NWC Red vs Sartell/Sauk Rapids

    1/19 Cancellations

    SB-37 at 1:30, Willmar vs Buffalo White

    G12B-31 at 4:00, Hutchinson vs NWC Red

    2019-2020 Play-Offs and Year End Tournament Info

    Bantam, Pee Wee, Girls U15, Girls U12
    District 5 Play-Offs will start on February 14th and conclude on February 23rd. 
    Regional tournaments will take place Feb 28th - March 1st. 
    State that Tournament will take place March 13th - March 15th.

    Squirt / Girls U10 tournament is March 6th - 8th.  

    More Detailed Information will be posted on the Play-Off and Squirt / U10 tourney tabs as it become finalized.

    Weather policy

    8.7 Hazardous Travel

    If weather conditions seem hazardous for highway travel and a coach questions the feasibility of traveling within the District 5 area, the following procedures should be followed:

    1. The traveling coach must call D5 League Coordinator, Bill Breeden 952.715.9605

    2. The call MUST be made by a coach or team manager, NOT a parent.

    League Coordinator will retrieve information on travel advisories and make a decision on the game in question. If it is decided that the game should be played, and isn’t, the game will be recorded as a forfeit. The traveling team will be fined for not playing a league game.

    Welcome to District 5 Youth Hockey

    District 5 Youth Hockey is operated by volunteers working to promote physical and mental development and good health, character, sportsmanship and citizenship. In order to continue this successful program we ask for your help and cooperation. Anyone who is interested in working in this volunteer youth program at the District level, or Association level, please contact your hockey association representative.


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