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2012 - 2013 District 5 Play-Offs

Congratulations to State Tournament Qualifiers

Bantam AA - STMA
Bantam A - Sartell, Hutchinson
Bantam B - Buffalo Black, St. Cloud Red
Pee Wee AA - STMA, St. Cloud
Pee Wee A - Sartell
Pee Wee B - Sartell

Congratulations to Regional Qualifiers

Bantam AA - STMA, St.Cloud, Buffalo
Bantam A - Hutchinson, Sartell, Litchfield / DC, Sauk Rapids, Willmar
Bantam B - STMA #1, St. Cloud Red, River Lakes, Buffalo Black
Pee Wee AA - STMA, St. Cloud Red, River Lakes
Pee Wee A - Sartell, Hutchinson, St. Cloud Black
Pee Wee B - Sartell #1, Buffalo Black, STMA #1, Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud Red
Girls U14A - Buffalo Black, STMA
Girls U12A - St. Cloud, Hutchinson
Girls U12B - Willmar

Girls' Region Information

Region at Marshall:  2 teams from D5, 3 teams from D9, 3 teams from D8

Region at STMA:  2 teams from D5,  2 teams from D3, 4 teams from D8

Region at Osseo/Maple Grove:  2 teams from D5, 3 teams from D3, 3 teams from D10

Procedure for seeding teams to regions when 5 teams are advancing

With the combined D4/D5 League, 5 teams from Bantam A, Bantam B, PeeWee A and PeeWee B will advance to regions.  We still, however, need to find a way to declare who will advance as the D4 #1, #2, and #3 seed, as well as the D5 #1 and #2 seeds.  The following procedure for seeding those advancing to regions has been agreed upon by both the D4 and D5 Director.  The procedure is as follows:

It was decided earlier this year with 5 teams advancing to NOT play a championship game, thus saving cost and potential injury.  Therefore the higher seed of the two teams advancing to what would have been the championship game will have the opportunity to select which District #1 seed it will advance as.  The team must advance as a #1 seed, but administrators will allow the higher seed to select between the D4 #1 or the D5 #1.  The lower seed will advance as the remaining #1 seed.

The same procedure will be followed for the two teams emerging from the "loser's" bracket to define who the #2 seeds are.

The last team winning will then be automatically allocated the D4 #3 seed to regions.

If you have ANY questions, contact your District Director.