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2011 - 2012 District 5 Play-Offs

Congratulations to State Tournament Qualifiers

Bantam B - St. Cloud Red
Pee Wee A - STMA and MAML
Pee Wee B - Buffalo Black

Good luck at State!

Congratulations to Regional Qualifiers

Bantam A - Sartell, STMA, St. Cloud
Bantam B - STMA, St. Cloud Red, Sartell 1

Pee Wee A - STMA, MAML, St. Cloud
Pee Wee B - STMA, Buffalo Black, MAML 1

Girls 14UA - Buffalo Black, STMA, River Lakes
Girls 12UB - River Lakes, St. Cloud

Girls U12A District Play-Off Information

St. Cloud to District 2 tournament as 7th seed
STMA to District 2 tournament as 8th seed
Buffalo to District 3 tournament as 8th seed
Hutchinson to District 6 tournament as 8th seed

Tie Breakers:

Bantam B1 Sartel 1 and St. Cloud Red
     - Sartell 1 wins Head-to-Head 6 vs 2

Pee Wee A Buffalo and Sartell
     - Sartell wins Head-to-Head 6 vs 2

Pee Wee B Buffalo Purple and MAML 2
     - Buffalo Purple wins Head-to-Head 6 vs 2

Girls U12B Litchfield / D and Sartell
     - Litchfield / DC wins Head-to-Head 6 vs 2

Pee Wee C River Lakes and STMA
     - River Lakes wins Head-to-Head 7 vs 5