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CCM Tier 1 & Prospects League Information

District 5 CCM High Performance Tier 1 Program - Summer & Fall 2024

Minnesota Hockey is excited to invite you to join the CCM Minnesota Hockey High Performance Tier I Leagues for 2009, 2010, and 2011 birth years for boys and 2010 & 2011 birth years for girls. The CCM HP Tier I Leagues are designed to provide the best players in Minnesota with an opportunity to train with and against each other while preparing for their Peewee, 12U, Bantam, 15U, and High School seasons.

In addition, there is the Prospects League (Tier II) League team for 14U players. All boys and girls players who try-out for Tier I are eligible to play in the Prospects League. 

The cost of the tryout is $100
Registration Links:

Girls 14 (2010 & 2011)

Boys 14U & 13O (2010 & 2011) 

Boys 15 (2009) 


District 5 evaluations will be held at the St. Michael-Albertville Ice Arena for boys and girls the June 24 & 26. 

With Boys 14U, Boys 13O and Girls 14U moving to a combined Final 40 evaluation; *Girls at Woog Arena South St. Paul* and Boys at STMA; on June 28.   

*Girls Final 40 Evaluation date is subject to change.

Fall League Tryout Schedule

Date Day Team Rink Time Note
6/24 Monday Boys 13/14 STMA - Gold 4:15-6:30 PM Evals. Groups A & B
Monday Girls 14 STMA - Blue 5:00-7:15 PM Evals.
Monday Boys 13/14 STMA - Gold 6:45-9:00 PM Evals. Groups C & D
Monday Boys 15 STMA - Blue 7:30-9:45 PM Evals.
6/26 Wednesday Boys 13/14 STMA - Gold 4:15-6:30 PM Evals. Groups B & C
Wednesday Girls 14 STMA - Blue 5:00-7:15 PM Evals.
Wednesday Boys 13/14 STMA - Gold 6:45-9:00 PM Evals. Groups A & D
Wednesday Boys 15 STMA - Blue 7:30-9:45 PM Evals.
6/28 Friday Goalies* STMA - Blue 4:45-6:00 PM Evals.*
Friday Boys 13/14 STMA - Blue 6:15-7:30 PM Final 40 Evals.
Friday Girls 14* Woog Arena - So. St. Paul TBD Final 40 Evals.*

*Subject to change*

Goalie only session will be used if more than 4 goalies registered in an age group. The goalies will also skate the regular tryout with their specific age group.

Boys 13-Only Tier I, 14U Tier I, & 14-&-Under Prospects (Tier II)

For the 2024 season, the 14U Tier I team is open only to 2010 birth years and the 13O Tier I team is for 2011 birth years only. The 14U Prospects (Tier II) is open to both 2010 & 2011 birth years.

All 2010 & 2011 players will participate in joint evaluations. The evaluations are to select the top players from each birth year to join the Tier I Fall League teams. The next top group of players from both 2010 & 2011 birth years will be invited to join the 14U Prospects (Tier II) team. 

The winner of the Tier I and Prospect League's playoffs will represent Minnesota at the USA Hockey Youth Tier I and Tier II National Championships.

Girls 14 Tier I and Prospects (Tier II)

For the second season; Girls 14 will be combined with District 9 (Rochester, Mankato, Northfield, etc.) to form a combined Tier I and a combined Prospects (Tier II) team. This will allow D5 players the added opportunity to play Tier II hockey. Both teams consist of players from 2010 & 2011 birth years.

Logistically; D5 will host evaluations at STMA for all interested District 5 participants. Then D5 & D9 will share a final evaluation to create the teams for each level.

During the fall season, all D5 players from the Tier I and the Prospects teams will practice together at District 5 arenas with D5 coaches (primarily MAC and STMA). Then on game weekends, players will play with the combined D5 & D9 Tier I or Prospects team. 

Both teams are eligible for USA Hockey’s National Championships.

Contact Thomas Johnson at with questions.

Boys 15-Only

For the 2024, the Boys (Youth) 15 classification is for players born in 2009.

Following tryouts, the Tier I team will be formed with 17 players (2 goalies, 6 defensemen, and 9 forwards) as well as 3 practice/game-substitute players. 

B15s will play 20+ games including league games, the Hockey Federation Showcase, and league playoffs. Potentially followed by the Minnesota District Playoff, and USA Hockey Tier I National Championships.

Additional schedule information and registration links can be found here.

Tryout rosters size for each age group will be determined by registration numbers and availability of ice.

Following tryouts, each Tier I team will be formed with 17-20 players. Tier II teams will roster 20 players. Each team will then have 18 hours of practice time from late July - September 29; often with two teams on the ice together.

Games will also be played at various sites. Each weekend the team will play 3 or 4 (90 minute) games. Girls will play some weekday games.

Cost for each player on the District 5 Tier 1 team is $1,040*.

Cost for each Boys 15 game-substitute player is $400*.


Boys 15 Tier 1 - 
Boys 14 Tier 1 - 
Boys 14 Tier 2 - 
Boys 13 Tier 1 -
Goalies - 

Girls 14 Tier 1 - 
Girls 14 Tier 2 -
Goalies - 

General Manager: Thomas Johnson (

*Cost may adjust slightly.