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District 5 Play-Offs

Play-Off Information

Play-offs are held for Bantam, Pee Wee, Girls U15, and Girls U12 leagues.  Participating teams are seeded into a double elimination Regional Qualifying Play-Off. Regional tournament entry awards for Bantam AA, Bantam A, Bantam B, Pee Wee AA, Pee Wee A, Pee Wee B, Girls U15B, Girls U12A, and Girls U12B district playoff teams will be identified in posted brackets once play-offs begin.  Pee Wee B teams not participating in the Regional Qualifying tournaments are seeded into a double elimination District Tournament which will start on February 19th.  Girls U15A tournament is being hosted by District 10

Play-offs dates: February 18, 19, 20, 25, and 26 with Championship Day on February 27

Championship games will all be played at the Municipal Athletic Complex (MAC) in St. Cloud on Sunday February 27th.  Come for a game, Stay for the day.

PLEASE be at the rink ready to play 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.  If we run early we WILL start to help avoid any delays caused by overtimes.

Congratulations to District 5 Play-Off Champions and Region Tournament Qualifiers

Bantam AA:
- Buffalo (#1), St. Cloud (#2), STMA (#3)
Bantam A:
- Monticello Moose (#1), Sauk Rapids (#2), Litchfield / DC (#3)
Bantam B:
- Buffalo B1 (#1), STMA B1 (#2), St. Cloud Red (#3)

Pee Wee AA:
- STMA (#1), Sartell (#2), Buffalo (#3)
Pee Wee A:
- Monticello Moose (#1), St. Cloud A (#2), River Lakes (#3)
Pee Wee B:
- STMA B1 Blue (#1), Litchfield / DC (#2), St. Cloud Red (#3)

Girls U15B:
- Buffalo (#1), North Wright County (#2), River Blades (#3)
Girls U12A:
- Riverhawks (#1), Riverblades (#2), Buffalo (#3)
Girls U12B:
- Riverhawks Red (#1), Riverblades (#2), Buffalo (#3)

Congratulations to Pee Wee B2 Tournament Champion

Champion: STMA B2 Gold
Runner-up: Monticello

District 5 Playoff Brackets

District 5 Pee Wee B2 Tournament

Standings Tiebreakers

Bantam AA:
St. Cloud vs STMA
- St. Cloud wins in Head-to-Head 5 vs 3

Bantam B:
STMA B2 Blue vs STMA B2 Gold
- STMA B2 Blue wins in Head-to-Head 5 vs 3

Pee Wee A:
River Lakes vs STMA A
- River Lakes wins in Head-to-Head 5 vs 2

Pee Wee B Black:
Moose B1 vs St. Cloud Red
- Tied in Head-to-Head 4 vs 4
- Tied in Most Wins 11 vs 11
- Moose B2 wins in fewest losses 7 vs 8

D5 Play-off Overtime Rules for Bantams , Peewees, Girls 15U and Girls 12U

In case of a tie at the end of regulation playing time, the teams shall change goals, and sudden victory overtime play shall ensue using the following format:

a) Two (2) minute rest
b) Ten (10) minute OT period will take place 6 on 6
c) Two (2) minute rest
d) Ten (10) minute OT period will take place 6 on 6
e) Resurface, if at the discretion of the Referee is needed, will take place after 2 OT periods.

This format will continue until a winner is found.

Play-off Summary of Responsibilities

The District 5 Play-offs are very similar to regular season with only a few changes:

1.  Gamesheet will be used for playoff games. Host will provide Gamesheet scorekeeper/operator.
2.  Host Associations are required to provide a clock operator.
3.  The penalty box is staffed by one adult from the home team, and one adult from the visiting team.  Home team is the highest seed or the top team in the bracket if teams not seeded at start of tournament.
4.  Host Association is obligated to comply with MN Hockey's medical attention requirements.  (Page 31 of MN Hockey Handbook)  Association can submit documentation to the District for reimbursement of up to $35/per game.

Triple check the brackets/game times/locations to make sure that everyone on your team is prepared.

Playoff Hosts

Please post a bracket of the tournament in the arena for reference for  the teams.

This year score reporting will be completed using GameSheet.  Please make sure games are uploaded at their conclusion.  If you are unable to get internet access or are having issues with the GameSheet application please send a final score text to (615) 491-8863 (yes area code 615 is correct) as then we will update the website for all.   Be sure to include level (Bantam A, etc) along with team names and score in the message