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Controlled Scrimmages

Coaches-on-Ice scrimmages or “controlled scrimmages” are allowed as a coaching tool for teaching position play and to address various game situations, subject to the following minimum criteria.

All of the criteria must be met for the event to be considered a Coaches-On-Ice scrimmage.

a. At least one coach from each team must be on the ice for the purpose of instruction.

b. No official scorekeeper, timekeeper or “game clock” can be used.

c. Teams can switch ends at some point, if desired.

d. The event is conducted as a practice, with the coaches stopping play from time to time to make observations and provide instruction on player positioning, etc.

Violation of "Controlled Scrimmage" rules constitutes by USA Hockey rules an Unsanctioned Hockey Event. Violations of the rule will result in the following:

1st offense: $500.00 Association fine.

2nd offense: $1000.00 Association fine and 3 Game Suspension of Head Coach and NO POST SEASON Play for team.

3rd offense: $2000.00 Association fine and NO POST SEASON PLAY FOR ENTIRE ASSOCIATION.


Coaching Documents Available

The District 5 Coaching Ethics Agreement, and the Coaching Guidelines are now available under the Documents tab at the top of the page. They are available in the District Forms area.


Weather Policy

8.7 Hazardous Travel

If weather conditions seem hazardous for highway travel and a coach questions the feasibility of traveling within the District 5 area, the following procedures should be followed:

1. The traveling coach must call D5 League Coordinator, Mike Graham, 615-491-8863

2. The call MUST be made by a coach or team manager, NOT a parent.

League Coordinator will retrieve information on travel advisories and make a decision on the game in question. If it is decided that the game should be played, and isn’t, the game will be recorded as a forfeit. The traveling team will be fined for not playing a league game.

American Development Model

Skills, skills, skills....coaches visit this website for a great overview of the program.

Practice Plans

Visit this link for some great practice plans.