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Fee changes

2019-2020 – 2021-2022

**All will have $4.50 assigning fee on top of these numbers


JR Gold

Referee $65.00

Referee $65.00

Linesman $55.00

Linesman $55.00


Bantam A/AA 15U A

Referee          $64.00

Linesman        $54.00


Bantam B, C, 15U B

Two Official $59.00


Pee Wee/ 12U 1.25-hour games

Two Official $54.00



Two Official $39.00

District 5 Officials of the Year

The District 5 Officials of the year were treated royally by the WCHA officiating crew at the recent St. Cloud State/UMD hockey game.

Pictured above back row, left to right from the WCHA:  Sam Shikowsky, Butch Mousseaux, Pete Friesema, Nick Bradshaw and Front row, left to right, from District 5 Officials of the Year:  Level 3 runner up, Jake Carlen, Level 2, Trevor Zins, and Level 1, Conner Smith.  (Not pictured, Level 3 Official of the Year, Justin Szymanski.)

Mentoring of a Professional Level

Pictured above NHL Linesman, Brian Mach, mentors D-5 first year official, Cole Goulet at a recent game in Delano.

Mach volunteered his time recently during the NHL Olympic break to help mentor officials in District 5.

NHL Comes to District 5

During the Olympics the NHL suspends it's schedule.  NHL Linesman, Brian Mach, asked if he could work some USA Hockey games in his home state.  Brian came to Delano on Tuesday, February 16th and mentored some young officials.  He worked a Squirt C and B game.  He was great with the kids, and the young officials had an experience they will remember for a very long time.
Pictured above left to right:  Katie Rooney, Brian Mach, and Cole Goulet

District 5 Officials of the Year

Pictured from left to right:
Derek Shepherd (WCHA Referee), Marco Hunt (WCHA Referee), BJ Muench (D-5 Level 2 Official of the Year), Tony Czech (WCHA Linesman), Tyler Ellefson (D-5 Level 3 Official of the Year), Kenny Mooney (D-5 Level 1 Runner Up Official of the Year), and Dan Dineen (WCHA Linesman.  Not pictured, D-5 Level 1 Official of the Year, Katie Rooney.

The D-5 Officials of the Year had the opportunity to attend the St. Cloud State vs North Dakota hockey game on February 13th.  The District 5 officials had the opportunity to meet with the WCHA officials before and after the game.  The WCHA crew were super "hosts".  They invested time with the D-5 guys, and, even after working a very difficult game, invited the young officials into the room to talk about the game.

District 5 Officials of the Year

2012/2013 Officials Of The Year

The District 5 Officials Of The Year recently attended a WCHA hockey game where they were introduced to that evening's on ice officiating crew.  As always, the WCHA crew invested some of their time with the young D5 counterparts.  Pictured above, left to right:  Sterling Egan, Johnathan Morrison, D5 Level 1 Official, Anthony Robak, C.J. Beaurline, D5 Level 2 Official, Brandon Lindquist, Tony Czech, and D5 Level 3 Official, Zach Carson.


Every 4 years USA Hockey reviews the rule book and makes changes.  Proposed changes can be made by anyone, all you need to do is go the USA Hockey website and email them a proposed rule change to review.  This was the year for changes.  There were 75 rule modifications.  Here are a (3) three that you will notice changes in this season compared to last season. *


Rule 612 (b) Face-Off Locations

  • All face-offs will occur on one of the 9 face off dot locations.  In the past the face off occurred where ever the pass was made from, or where the play left a stick from or where it was deflected from.


Rule 612(c) Face-Off Locations

  • If an offensive player shoots a puck inside the offensive zone and it deflects off the cross bar the faceoff occurs in the zone where it went off the crossbar.  In previous years the face off would have been in the neutral zone.


Rule 624(b) Icing the Puck

  • As a U14 and under (Bantams, 15U, Pee Wee, 12U, Squirts, 10U) while on a power play, teams will NOT be able to ice the puck.  If the puck is iced in a short-handed situation, the play will stop and a face off will occur in the defensive zone.  In previous year players were allowed to ice the puck while short-handed.  This rule has been tested for over 10 years.  USA Hockey believes this will increase skill development among the players.

*Coaches should you have any questions regarding the new rules please contact Mike Mooney for further information. 

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